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L’Opération Grand Site des Caps d’Erquy et Fréhel

Launched in 2013

Following requests from the various elements of the “Grand Site Cap d’Erquy-Cap Frehel” and its partners, the Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development agreed at the end of 2012 to the creation of a “Grand Site” for the two Caps.

After two in-depth studies of the area, a programme of action consisting of 22 targets was drawn up. These targets resulted from an exercise carried out by working groups drawn from the tourism and environment sectors, and also local elected representatives.

Now that the majority of these targets have been achieved, the Site is in a position to apply for the prestigious “Grand Site of France” label.


Perimeter and Status

Following the studies of the assets and the condition of the area, the perimeter of the “Grand Site” was confirmed and represents 5,170 hectaires, within the districts of Erquy, Plurien, Frehel and Plevenon.

Specific activities

Since 2016, much activity has been taking place in the area.


Reclassification of the two sites



Both Cap Frehel and Cap d’Erquy have undergone significant changes in order to preserve the sites and to provide better conditions for visitors. Various work has been undertaken in connection with the reorganisation of the paths and car parks, and information boards have been installed to help understanding of the landscape, such as at Les Lacs Bleus on the Cap d’Erquy, and the construction of a site for observing seabirds on Cap Frehel




The creation of a photographic observatory



The OPP (Observatoire Photographique des Paysages) has been set up in order to understand the evolution of the area, and the underlying issues. This photographic surveillance allows the discovery and analysis of natural and man-made developments, and also to follow the various projects and measure their impact.





Various activities to facilitate exploration of the area



A facility, such as an Information Centre, is being considered. During the school holiday periods, there is a wide range of events and entertainments, particularly of an enterprising and experimental nature.

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