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The soul and heritage of the “Caps”

It is impossible not to be moved by the wonder of this place: the unspoiled wilderness, the distant horizon, so many emotions and sensations, and still so many delights for the visitor to discover.

The wonders of the “Grand Site”

Both Cap d’Erquy and Cap Frehel are extraordinary places, with their pink sandstone cliffs. Standing on the rocky headlands is like being at the end of the world, looking out over the wide open sea. From the cliff tops you can see the magnificent spectacle, as the wind picks up and the currents swirl, sending the waves crashing onto the rocks.

An exceptional natural heritage

Amazing scenery

The ever-changing views of the “Grand Site” will enthral you – real post-card views with white sands and clear waters. Its mosaic of coastal landscapes has inspired many artists in the past, and continues to do so today – the rocky headlands with vertiginous views alternate with a multitude of sandy coves with the turquoise waters of the Emerald Coast. And there are unique geological features, such as the local pink sandstone.

Falaise de grés rose – Cap d’Erquy
Pointe rocheuse – Cap d’Erquy
Vélo route-voie verte –  Cap Erquy
Côte du Penthièvre
Vue sur le Cap Fréhel – Pierre Le Douaron
La plage du Lourtuais par Pierre Le Douaron
L’îlot Saint-Michel par Pierre Le Douaron


A wide range of natural environments

The importance of the wide range of coastal environments of the “Grand Site Cap d’Erquy-Cap Frehel” is recognised at national and European level. You can explore wide stretches of coastal gorse and heather moorlands, marshy estuaries, extensive dunes, towering cliffs up to 70 metres high, and numerous bogs and valleys.

To see them in pictures …


Geology, identity of the territory

The geological formation of the “Caps” cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and this is reflected in its name: the pink sandstone of Frehel-Erquy. Formed 470 million years ago, this sedimentary rock reflects the history of a range of mountains and its erosion. The colour, appearance and local usage of this rock contribute greatly to the identity of the “Grand Site”.

A vibrant landscape, waiting to be discovered

Tourism is an important local activity. As a result of its exceptional cultural heritage, the “Grand Site” is one of the most visited locations in the Cotes d’Armor departement.

A unique local history

The history of the “Grand Site Cap d’Erquy –Cap Frehel” is inevitably linked to the history of the sea.

The headlands of the two “Caps” face each other, as well as dominating the surrounding land and sea. Many of the buildings to be found there are classified as Historical Monuments, and bear witness to the history of the “Caps” – the guardhouse, the lighthouse at Cap Frehel, Fort La Latte, the blockhouses of the Atlantic Wall, and the lifeboat shelters, and much more …

The ocean has always been a source of prosperity. The local maritime culture has evolved from cod fishing in the waters off Newfoundland, to coastal and offshore fishing, and to the development of shellfish cultivation today.

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