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The aims of the “Grand Site”

In order to warrant the prestigious label “Grand Site de France”, the territory has to satisfy three main criteria : the landscape, the heritage and the socio-economic concerns of the “Grand Site”. The project is a partnership of the various participants.

The quality and the preservation of the landscape


The challenge for the “Grand Site d’Erquy-Cap Frehel “ is to set up a sustainable and coherent management structure to facilitate the long-term preservation of the two Capes.

This challenge prevails throughout the management structure and the reclamation of the protected natural areas, by maintaining the fight against invasive species, by ensuring the compatibility of the signage and its integration into the landscape, by the recognition of the heritage of the existing historic buildings, and by monitoring the evolution of the landscape.

The aim of these strategies is to allow future generations to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.


Promise Grand Site : Visitor Reception


The “Grand Site Pledge” is aimed at improving conditions for the visiting public, the development of the area, especially traffic-free areas, with stopping places and viewing areas, as well as improving the hiking conditions, creating interpretive aids suitable for everyone, and refining planning recommendations.

So whether you are on foot, on horseback, in a car, in a canoe or on a bike, if you are on your own, with the family, or with a group of friends, independently or in a supervised group, there are a myriad ways to enjoy the spirit of the Grand caps



Making the most of the local economy


The “Grand Site Cap d’Erquy-Cap Frehel” aims to capitalise on its existing assets, and to benefit from new initiatives in the future. By making the most of local resources, the “Grand Site” is recognising the part played by the people who live and work there, and acknowledging their expertise.

The aim is to optimise local socio-economic development, in order that the inhabitants of the “Grand Site” reap the benefit, both through sustainable tourism by controlling the spread of visitors, and through promotion of local products




Discover in pictures, actions carried out as part of the Operation Grand Site !

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